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Friday, May 07, 2010


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You right. I know this.

This cuts, cleanly, in constrast to the tobacco and coffe grounds. "Exhaling lump of covers..." in particular. Damn.

Another one that hits just right. Beautifully done.

We're so often damned by our choices (at least in our own minds)....you've captured the ache of that so well, so beautifully.

That was right on.

I pretty much DID run half-naked out of the choices I made earlier in life. Figuratively anyway. It really does seem to take something drastic to hit the 'restart' button and move in a different direction.
Nice post...made me think of that.

Beautifully rendered, and painfully accurate.

Oh dear god, ouch. In the good way.

Man, this was incredible.

Wow. I regret to say I didn't think funny you had it in you: the good news, I am wrong all the time.

Printed, saved. Loved.

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