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Saturday, July 17, 2010


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Someone needs to interview Obama right away and ask him about circles.

Awesome in so many ways. I guess you DO have to be nuts to be president.

The punchline to this one made me laugh SO hard.


The square room I'm in right now is just a pointy circle. It 360 degrees! =-O


That right there? A pure exercise in fun. gOOd times.

Woohooooo! Nice punch.

Funny shit and that punch line? w00t w00t!

So here's my deal. I can't read any of the magnificence that is other people's contributions to this site until after I've written my own. I'm just about ready to wrap mine up tonight, so I figured why not saunter over here and deal, right? Imagine my pure delight to find out that my story - WHICH ALSO MENTIONS ZOMBIES AND A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!! - is going to follow your piece of pure delight?!

(Sorry for the yelling. That comes standard with zombies, I think.)

This did honestly delight me. I'm thrilled I didn't skip to the comments and have the twist revealed. I hate when that happens.

Zoinks! Dang you, you sneaky woman!

Leave it to Mr Lady to assure me that there's always some genius made from cowshit.

I would kiss you on the lips if I could.. That's how much I loved this.

ZOW! POW! ZOOM! And I'm not just talking about the ending.


POW! Nice. I very much enjoyed this.

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