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Friday, November 05, 2010


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Aliens on ecstasy? I'm reminded of Rudy Rucker. In an oh-so good way.

I too have a "thing" for waffles.

@palinode - Mmm I do love me some Rucker. Thanks, man!

@charlie - Are there sane people who don't?

Masterfully done.

@mr lady - Aww thanks.

Alien experimentation is a lot like marriage.

Oh snap.

I only engage aliens through my bedroom window (which is the only way they arrive) if they are bearing orgasmic plasma.

I have my standards after all.

(Freaky, scary, awesome. Loved.)

Standards are good to have.

The sheer ecstacy you captured here was mesmerizing. You're a sly bastid to choose that ending.

Thanks, glad ya enjoyed it!

This put a big ol' smile on my face.

intriguing. luscious. trippy. cinematic. then... warp.
very nicely done.

(p.s: aren't waffles like that for everyone?)

Thanks! And yes, yes they are.

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