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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


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Very good story! I enjoyed the twist, which, I'll admit, I did not see coming. Sneaky afterlife...

Thanks man!

Loved it!

Thank you!

Oh God, Adam. This was an amazing thing. No wonder you couldn't wait to get it out there.

Aww, thank you hon. I'm so glad you dig on it.

Funny, mean and twisty. In other words: delicious.

It's the PF trifecta!

That was packed with peanuts.

Like Lucy and Charlie Brown?

You know, this may be my favorite piece of your work yet. This is amazing. Brilliant, Adam. Seriously.


I am especially partial to the voice of Kevin, the bark-faced bastard.

Oh, thanks. Kevin was a pain to get right. And no slight to our own Kevin! He is not a bark-faced bastard.

awesome - well done man!

Well thank you!

What a splendid tale!

Why thank you!

Oh, this was just sneakily brilliant, sir. It's amazing how I come to expect there's a good chance you'll put a twist into your writings, but I never quite figure out what it's going to be.

And you know I don't complain about long reads, but you manage to do in just under 800 words what many writers can't do in a full novel. Kevin would probably hate me for using the word, but it's like you took an axe and carved out the best bits to give the world.

So many people love Kevin, in this. He was a bark-faced bastard, I tell you!  Glad you enjoyed it, D.

Totally cool!

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