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Wednesday, January 06, 2010


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the wisdom of the child all wrapped up in the woman.

among many parts of this cupcake, this part will stay: "she found herself, hesitantly and still so, pondering the possibility of believing in Something and/or Someone Else..."

Wouldn't you know she would end up marrying a man who looked to the sky for the forecast! Perfect for the girl/woman who must know, eh?

There's not a single thing about this that isn't entirely wonderful.

Surely arriving there and finding cake would be quite lucky. (And as it should be.)
A reminder that the children are always watching and always listening.
Very nice.

That Simon....*tsk-tsk*

John Taylor would've called.

Very nice descriptions and ponderings. Lovely stuff . . .

I love logic that appears where you least expect it. Nicely done.

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