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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


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Now this is the way to start.


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And I wish I could. Your world, so different from mine, continues to break my heart even as it lifts my spirits.

Thanks for making me cry two hours into a new day, yo.

Also? A is for awesome.

Can't see to type.

Wonderful, magical touching stuff, man. Thank you for it.

TB, you are weaver of the finest threads. Achingly beautiful, friend.


That's all I got. I'm far too lowbrow to comment accordingly to this beauty.
Much respect.

Holy shit.

This was incredible. Thank you.

Painfully and stunningly beautiful.

Oh, damn. DAMN. Also, what Charlie said.

Your words always dance.

They do it in the way that finds me casting eyes downward, ashamed to find myself playing on the same field as you.


Jesus Tapdancing Christ. This is one of the most beautifully written pieces I've ever read.

Dude. Not trying to sound like Greg Brady or anything but... "That was Heavy, man." I felt that in my stomach and heart.

Brilliantly worded, beautifully put, hauntingly painful.

um? yeah. wow. dude. wow.


What a powerful, beautiful post.

I'm speechless.

I hear you, the waves of this post, your dream, hopes, grey dawns washing up on my shore, and there at my feet, find a seashell I hold to my hear and listen to a distant familiar echo's swish and pulse.

Jesus holy god. This is incredible. You've a gift, sir, and I thank you for sharing it.

This may be the most beautiful thing I have ever read.

So beautiful. I'm in awe.

So grateful you are in this blink called my time on this Earth.


You destroy me. My god. Am a puddle. Beautiful.

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