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Monday, March 15, 2010


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*applause applause*


Oh Adam, this was just such great fun to read. It kept me on the lollercoaster.

Glad ya liked it!

Man, that was fun.

Also: "Sucrose."

What's wrong with Sucrose?

Not a thing. It's one of my favorite forms of sugar, and an inspired name choice.

Ahhh *grin*

I wish I was your kid. You HAVE to tell the very best bedtime stories.

My father did, I'll tell you. He really did.

Holy hell. I seriously don't know why I bother contributing to this beautiful group. I reckon I'm like the ugly girlfriend. Just hangin around, saying "fuck" a lot and eating the leftover pizza while the pretty ones make out on the beanbag chair.
I loved this to a disturbing degree.

Don't you dare sell yourself short, man.  Also, "to a disturbing degree" has me a bit frightened...


An iconic laugh! Thanks!

This is very fun to read aloud, by the way.

HAHAH just read it outloud to a friend, it IS! Who knew?

Tomorrow a parent is going to ask me for a good book that would enthrall their child and I am going to sigh, think of this, and say it only exists on the Internet. Sort of like I think Sweden only exists here...all my ABBA albums not withstanding.

In short, bravo!

Awww thank you!

I have no idea what just happened..

Don't take this personally.

I'm sorry it didn't work for you.

Hello. That was clever with lots of words with a nice, crunchy mouth feel. Thank you.

You are very welcome! The crunchy mouth feel goes well with a nice white wine.

I seriously do not know why I bother to contribute to this great group. I think I'm as ugly girlfriend. Just Hanging around, saying a lot and eating leftover pizza while the ottoman chair more beautiful.

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