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Friday, March 12, 2010


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The balls I am not in possession of just crawled up into my abdomen.

Oh my stars, the last two lines are KILLER.

....and A stray wisp of jet black hair always dropped from the heavens at just the right moment set off windchimes in me.

I loved this!

Temple Shalveekvetch and Number 159 made me laugh so hard I had to go back and reread the whole thing to appreciate the rest for its brilliant imagery. Nicely done, sir.

oh boy another nice
Jewish boy gone taken off the roster

"Temple Shalveekvetch" haha! nicely done.

"The ancient, the abandoned and me..."

That's gonna stick in my head for a bit.

That was every nice jewish boy's shared fantasy.

I know you speak from experience.

don't pass this around town. it'll catch on and you'll be to blame.


never trust a woman who can't keep her hair out of her eyes. also, remind me to make a salon appointment.

you've always got the goods.

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