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Thursday, March 04, 2010


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Our social facades crumble from the inside out.


This is both gorgeous and terrible -- this pervasive and unnervingly recognizable sense of infection and hidden rot. Of infestation.


On an unrelated note: "my heart is just a bloom of bruise in my chest" may be my favorite thing ever.

You want people to understand? Use less symbolism

I assume that by 'symbolism' you meant 'fancypants words'. I tried that, Justin, but when I submitted an entry like this:

"Depression and self-loathing sucks. Help me."

the editorial powers that be frowned on it.

I wish you'd just rewrite the whole thing and show me how it's done. Thanks!



What Twobusy said, like, exactly.

Less symbolism? Really? I feel like I can see and touch and hear "my heart is just a bloom of bruise in my chest," and wow...

Not only do I love that (LOVE THAT), I could see that as a title of an old school Smashing Pumpkins release.

Love. My bruised heart LOVES this.

HA, fadkog, I nearly appended the entry with the video to 'Disarm'....hand to God.

This is so fucking good.

Justin - How's this for symbolism - You're a worm who needs a lesson in manners. If'n you want, I could give you a crash course in How Not to Be a Dick 101. Lemme know.

pretty and ugly at the same time, ya know? i really have no words of wisdom. i just know, for me, it doesn't do me any good to get down on myself, so i just don't do it. i move on and make the next moment, minute, hour, day better. dwelling on the shit never gets the commode clean.

Hey, Justin. Here's a symbol for you:


That's me flipping you the bird.

This is the best description of being your own worst enemy I've ever read. Just awesome.


Hi. I third (fourth?) the "bloom of bruise." Pretty cool image. Popped right into my head. Also the "slivers of bone."

From the heart of one who's known the journey down, just know the journey back is worth the effort. You nailed this one, Jett.

I've read this three times and still can't find the right words...

But I do hate it when that punk from N'Sync gets all judgy.

Jett -- thanks for this.

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