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Monday, April 05, 2010


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This is absolutely breathtaking. Just when I'd given up on words with meaning & the impossibility of real emotion on the internet, you posted this. Early.
Thank you.

I don't think I breathed the first time I read this. I did try the second time. Still struggling with breath and have no words to describe what's inside.

This was so beautiful. I caught myself holding my breath too. The buzz of the office faded while I read this. Thank you for stopping time for a moment.

Masterfully done, sir.

I keep coming back and back.

Nothing I have to say seems worthy of what you've given us here.

"as if preparing to speak some great and unknowable secret . . . "
Feels like you just did. I'm swooning.

Such a beautiful day.

Lemmings are my favorite animals.

And this is amazing.

this feel like a meditation -- as if I should read it aloud over and over. your sense of poetic movement is really beautiful, and I think in the reading (aloud), I just ... love it. Stew in it.

you see, this is why I cannot write fiction. When I read pieces like this I'm pretty much ready to pack it in. Well done

I left the tab open for several days so I could read and reread this post. It's kind of like a painting.

This. This is what I want to point to when I come crying to you about how I simply can't do this. Can't write this way or that. There's so much here that takes me to so many places, and I love (and envy) it.

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