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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


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Amongst our weaponry are such diverse elements as wits, a laser pistol, the Imagi-fire helmet, twelve stun capsules, one miniature Brontosaurus named Sal, and a mostly bullet proof lab coat (never tested).

Seriously, I love this so bad it hurts. Well played, sir.

Thanks! I really wanted to do a sequel to the last one of these I did, glad it worked!

Somewhere... Harry plots badgeresque revenge.

dun Dun DUN.

I actually did the fist-bump the air thing and mumbled "yesssss" when I read the first line of this post.

I think once you finish the series, I'm printing these out for my kids. They will LOVE them.

That makes my MONTH.

I always read that "McFuzzypants."

Will there be another, please?

When I read it aloud sometimes I do, too. Which is a problem as I will be reading these at the show Friday. Whoops. As to a 3rd? Trilogies? Pfft! Who does those? Yes. I am being coy.

"Respect! Power! Fame! These were the things that the Professor wanted and now found himself possessing! Along with a 6 year old badger."

Stop writing about my life.

Not until you return the badger.

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