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Monday, June 28, 2010


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Not only a hoot, but also a holler. I hope Zimbabwe can work out its politics as New Kandor.

Yeah I wanted to put them in a bottle but felt it was TOO obvious. *grin*

I love all the 'insider' jokes and nudges and nods in this one.

This character is so much fun. I hope you don't retire him.

I have no clue what you mean. There are no insider jokes. I am innocent.


You terrible, terrible man.

LA de da I have no idea what you're talking about. *snicker*


Glad ya liked it!

Nice job wrapping all 26 posts up with a big shiny explosive finale!

Awww thanks.

And he wrapped them up with a friend. Or, really, several friends. And a lot of this: 010000010110100001101000011010000110100001101000011010000110100000100001.

Which really IS too long to have to listen to.

IT is, and just simply atonal to boot.

But if they were screaming 01000001011100100110011101101000001011100010111000101110, it would have had a much lovelier guttural sound. And a castle named after it.

Good ol' Castle Argh.

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