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Thursday, June 24, 2010


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Oh that's a great scene, wonderful flesh to it, man.

Thanks. I do wish I had more than a scene, though.

Excellent. It's a great start, the rest will follow. And the choice of Benny's last name? Brilliant.

"They took in desperation and, by an invisible chemical conjunction, emitted a faint aerosol of hope." Lord I do love that.

Cones and stems, indeed.

Well played, sir.

Ah Susan, you and me both.

I was right there on the next bar stool watching this play out.


You're such a good writer. I love this. Then again, I'm partial to anything that involves a Sheena.

Took me time to learn the whole guide, the report is wonderful however the feedback carry extra brainstorm suggestions, with thanks.

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