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Sunday, August 15, 2010


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I! AM SO DELIGHTED! by this piece.

I don't know if you consciously planned the thing where it took nine months for a realization to be birthed, but it was a brilliant little turn.

Such a great build up and setting and... mmm this was tasty!

The glass is a wonderful metaphor: gorgeous, sculpted, crystalline & perfect by any aesthetic measure... and ultimately hollow; an empty vessel.

And I LOVE Jett's observation. I totally missed that, of course, but what a great touch.

Oh JONNA! This is AMAZING! I loved it, every single word!

I was right there with Jett. Ingenius. Loved every word of this.

Ooh. YES.

Aww, thanks guys! I love all of you. Seriously.

and then she went to picket's house. and drank beer.

i love this in so many freaking ways it bothers me.

Oh my goodness!! I have to agree with an earlier post...Annie makes me want a little girl to add to my 2 boys, and I want one that dresses in tu-tus and cat eye glasses too! She's so dang adorable!! I LOVE your Annie pics!

Okay, so here's the thing. You are amazing. Really. This is amazing. I don't even think they make a word for how much I love this freaking story. The detail, the OHSNAP, the whole thing. The 9 months thing. The big fat question mark you left hanging. All of it.


Wow. That is beautiful.

It's all the little lines -- the Chrysler building, the hand-stitching, (yes) the nine months -- then POW! This I love.

The rains really don't depart until late September or early October. Sometimes it stays longer.
That's why I remember standing in the rain and feeling (and smelling) like a wet dog during the days Don Shula and Jimmy Johnson were the Dolphins coaches -- because both coaches forced their teams to practice in the elements. And the media had to stand there and watch.
I was suprised at the warmth of the color and that it even had color, since the name of the shade in the sample book wasasf some sort of ivory! I decided to think it through and came to the conclusion that I needed a tiny push out of my comfort zone and now I really like it. It adds so much warmth to the cool colors I have used in the family room. It is super comfy and I am rolling with it!

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