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Thursday, August 26, 2010


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Very nice.



I thought nobody noticed. Damn, now everyone knows. I can't even remember his name.

I am on the third attempt at leaving this comment. Something about this being lovely and there being tears in my eyes. Weird how spell check doesn't catch everything!

This is fantastic. I'm trying to think of the right way to describe it, but then I realize I don't have to — I just need to get people to read it. Also, I hereby nominate you to write all PF posts going forward.

All in favor? "AYE!!!"

The ayes have it.

Looking forward to reading your next one tomorrow.

TB, if I write all the PF posts no one will be able to read them because they will poke their eyes out with pixie stix when they hear the news. Nice try though.

Thank you, Palinode, ZenMom and Silver. Sorry Cheryl, but everyone's still talking about it and you knew it had to come out sooner or later (you hussy).
FADKOG, three's a charm! Thank you.

Sums up so much and so perfectly. After that perfect great horrible moment.

Which I kind of miss. and Despise. And miss.

And despise.


A lovely and seductive account, I must say. The moment every teenage girl, heck, most women dream about.

And the disappointment at the follow through, it's the kind of events that never quite disappear from our memory.It just lies dormant in the brain until you read something poignant that makes you feel like you're there.

Um, yes, THIS. So much this. Quite possibly the best high school story I have ever had the privilege of reading.

You don't know me, but that was great.

I keep trying to respond but typepad has had quite enough of meu.

Homemaker Man, thank you! That's the glory of the internet, right? Various people finding various things and hopefully stumbling on something that works.

Mr. Lady, thanks for 1) this and 2) the twitter shout. It's hard for me to write about high school because I hated it so very much. Cathartic, I think this is called.

The Mayor - My brain lies dormant a lot. But there are things in there that do pop up from time to time.

Ms. Picket - we would have been friends in high school. In fact, the fictitious you would have pushed the fictitious me into the fictitious car. Or I would have pushed you. One of those.

meu. that's french. No wonder typepad shuts me down.

If someone could replicate the magic and wonder and electricity of a first kiss in a spray, we could end wars. Meanwhile, we will need the entire Middle East to read this and regret their past mistakes.

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