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Thursday, September 02, 2010


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Damn! You captured these moments brilliantly. . . . always the leaver and never the stayer . . . Beautiful rhythm throughout but that part resonated loud and clear.

Loving this. Why have I not discovered this site before? Just saw it on TwoBusy's blog and came over. Will start following.

Sensual. In every sense of the word.

This is completely fantastic.

Tactile. Gorgeous.

Oh, seriously, good lord. GOOD LORD, WOMAN. That was majestic.

I can't stop picturing that bowl.

In my mind, I can see clearly her smile, and I like to think it is a mere muscle twitch away from being a true smirk. I love me some smirk, and I love this, too.

Sweet Muddy Waters, the woman shall not be denied. Can the type on a computer screen ooze sexual satisfaction? Yes. Yes it can.

Whew! I like her. Hot damn, do I ever. Fantastic.



a gorgeous clawed, purring post.

What happens after antiquated notions of virtue are turned on their collective ear.. Bang-up :)

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