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Monday, December 13, 2010


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Beautifully written.

The phrases turned just right without toppling over on their own descriptiveness, yet descriptive all the same. Evocative and telling at once.

I want you to keep writing this. Where will it go? In a few paragraphs, you made me care what happens to that dog, to Darryl, and even to his messed up Dad.

People say this all the time on the internet. Kind of like how they say ROTFLMAO or that line about spitting coke all over the screen or that other line about the ugly-cry.

I am going to say this on the internet but I would like to distinguish it as not being the same as when people say this all the time on the internet.

You have to write a book.


Just, word. That was incredible.

I loved the perspective you chose for this. The view from above through monitors: nicely done.

This is a wonderful tight little story. So much is revealed about these characters, including the dog, in so few words. No more is needed. The reader can imagine everything else.

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